Pelicana Franchise Opportunity

Becoming a member of the Pelicana franchise family is the perfect opportunity to start your own business while being a part of an established, profitable network. You’ll be able to obtain strong returns through our proven and successful model, access powerful branding, ongoing marketing and operational training support, well-developed systems, and intellectual property rights.

Why Join Us?

First, largest standing, premium Korean-style fried chicken franchise. Established in 1982.

Pelicana is the oldest and one of the largest fried chicken brands in Korea. With over 3000 stores world-wide, as a global brand, Pelicana has become a part of the everyday life for many fried chicken and beer lovers.

What makes our fried chicken particularly different is our concept being ‘luxury chicken’ – high quality chicken with a wide variety of seasonings. Pelicana carries the slogan of ‘Taste of Korea’.

Our current distribution system reaches every nook and cranny of society. In other words, everyone eats Pelicana chicken – from children to adults, of various cultures and backgrounds – making Pelicana more of a household name than our competitors.

Our Innovative Approach to Business

Pelicana has an innovative approach to business. We are bold and not afraid to try new ideas. We think outside the box. We adapt to the changing environment and meet consumer demands. We employ technology and advanced tools to streamline our management and operation.


Pelicana is always seeking to empower our partners and team members. As part of our ongoing commitment to maintain cohesiveness within the Pelicana network, Pelicana continues to look for ways to make sure that we are always working as one. This will be accomplished through the regular franchisee forums. Those within our community will be able to come together and learn from each other while sharing their ideas, successes and establishing goals moving forward!


Franchising FAQ

Qualities such as passion, drive, an entrepreneurial spirit. A background in food, retail or hospitality are ideal but not essential! You must have excellent leadership skills with a positive attitude towards hard work that will ensure your success.  

As a Pelicana Fried Chicken franchise partner, you have access to the brand equity and the large fanbase of Pelicana. Your business will be supported by the best-in-class brand and merchandising system. You will benefit from group buying power, well-developed and effective operational and marketing tools. We offer complete support to get you started – from site acquisition to the day-to-day management of your business.

Pelicana will provide ongoing operation and marketing support to our franchise partners. We have established strong and efficient operational procedures and we have a powerful marketing team that has facilitated the fast growth of the Pelicana brand.

You will receive assistance with Leadership, Management, Training, Operations Manuals, Recruitment Programs, Site Selection Assistance, Business Plan Consulting Services as well as Financial Assistance.

Your success is our priority. Our streamlined process means you can be assured of a quick turnaround and low waste, all while benefiting from the experience gained through existing Pelicana stores to help improve efficiency for yourself! We’ve established great deals on exclusive ingredients and supplies that will make your dishes taste as good as they look. Our strong relationships with trusted suppliers will also guaranteed minimal supply interruptions and operational hiccups.

The required fund to become a Pelicana franchise partner is roughly $500k. Actual figure may vary depending on the location and condition of your business.

All franchise partners pay a royalty fee for continuous access to our operational and marketing support.

Pelicana conducts thorough research on potential sites and consult property experts prior to commencing lease negotiations so that our franchise partners can start strong with prime locations in suitable areas. However, Pelicana also offers its prospective franchisees the opportunity to conduct their own site evaluations before signing on. Franchise partners are not obligated into accepting any proposed sites from us and are free to carry out other searches themselves if they wish to explore alternative options.

We offer a range of great tools & programs to help you manage your restaurant. These include:

  • Sophisticated tools that monitor sales and ensure efficiency.
  • Ordering and stock management systems.
  • Online or in-person training.
  • Rostering and management tools.
  • Tax and compliance advice.

In addition, we provide regular information sessions, communication and visits from our operations manager, Marketing and Recruitment support.

Absolutely! To ensure consistency and cost efficiency, all of Pelicana’s stores will use the same high-quality supplies from the same suppliers.

Yes. The business is yours to develop in any way that you see fit and sell if you wish. The possibilities are endless!


Contact us on 03 9939 7286 or via email –

Our Franchise Selection Team will be in touch to advise on how to proceed with your application.